The Clinical Team

The professional team at Synergy Psychology Group offers treatment services based on many years of combined experience in the mental health field. Prior to joining forces, they worked individually in a variety of settings including schools, residential facilities, juvenile correctional facilities, college counseling centers, hospitals, corporate environments, non-profit agencies and community mental health clinics. Historically, they have enjoyed working as part of teams, and although they are in private practice, they remain committed to working collaboratively with one another and with other community providers in order to deliver optimal services. The Synergy team consists of two clinical psychologists, a licensed clinical social worker and a clinical psychology doctoral student.

Kristen M. Helin ~Psy.D

Kristen M. Helin ~Psy.D

Dr. Kristen Helin is a Clinical Psychologist licensed in the state of Connecticut. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology from the University of Connecticut. Her graduate education was completed at Antioch University New England where she earned both a Master's of Science and a Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology. She has been working in the mental health field since 1998 and during that time has developed several specialties including adolescent development, women's issues, concerns of self harm, and trauma work. A significant amount of her private practice career involves working with adolescents and adults whose struggles with anxiety and depression have subsequently led to various problems in their lives. Dr. Helin's therapeutic approach involves joining her clients in a collaborative effort to help them understand root causes of their struggles and to empower them to make positive and lasting changes in attitude and behavior. Her clinical work experience includes various settings such as residential programs, schools, home-based treatment, juvenile correctional facilities, primary care settings, college counseling centers, community mental health agencies, and private practice. Dr. Helin also has extensive experience conducting psychological evaluations, diagnostic assessments, preschool consultations, forensic evaluations, and multidisciplinary evaluations for children with a history of abuse and neglect. In addition to conducting psychotherapy at Synergy, Dr. Helin enjoys working with various organizations that benefit from receiving individualized and tailored consultations and workshops.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.
E. Holly Schaff ~Psy.D

E. Holly Schaff ~Psy.D

Dr. Holly Schaff is a licensed Clinical Psychologist whose experience spans twenty five years serving diverse populations in settings such as schools and colleges, non-profit agencies, residential facilities, mental health clinics and home-based treatment. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Therapeutic Recreation from the University of New Hampshire, a Master's Degree in Systemic Family Therapy from Birkbeck College and the Institute of Family Therapy in London, and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. At Synergy, Dr. Schaff conducts psychological evaluations and provides therapy to individuals, couples and families. She works with both adolescents and adults. Her style is down to earth and she approaches therapy as a partnership and a unique process that helps clients learn about themselves, build resources and get unstuck. Dr. Schaff has extensive training in psychological assessment, family systems theory and psychodynamic theory. Together this foundation influences her work in specialty areas such as identity development, attachment, trauma, emerging adulthood, behavior difficulties, parenting, divorce and blended families. She was a first generation college student and has a special interest in working with emerging adults as they try to discover their own unique pathway to independence.

Perhaps the best conversationalist in the world is the man who helps others to talk.
--John Steinbeck
Courtney Chan

Courtney Chan ~LSCW

Your current situation is challenging. It may have you feeling overwhelmed, sad or anxious – not knowing how to navigate your emotions or formulate the next steps. Your therapeutic relationship should make you feel safe, heard and respected. Courtney is compassionate and nonjudgmental and works to understand her clients, build mutual trust and challenge them to discover their inner strengths. This is accomplished through various therapeutic methods and coping strategies. Together, you will move from feeling lonely and stuck to a place with renewed goals and a greater sense of hope and wellbeing, through this collaborative relationship. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an Associate of Synergy Psychology Group, Courtney earned her Bachelors of Arts degree in Sociology from Eastern Connecticut State University. She went on to earn her Master’s degree in Social Work from Springfield College and has been an active member of the professional Social Work community for over 20 years. Courtney has worked in a variety of social work and therapeutic settings including community mental health clinics, youth services bureaus, non- profit organizations, municipalities and private practice. Courtney is a trusted therapist to her clients who range in age from tween/teen years to older adults. She provides a supportive yet practical approach to problem solving as you work together to identify behavior patterns that may be holding you back from experiencing your most meaningful life.

People start to heal, the moment they feel heard.
--Cheryl Richardson
Jessica Silverman

Jessica Silverman ~MA

Jessica Silverman is an Associate of Synergy Psychology Group and a doctoral student in clinical psychology at The University of Hartford. She holds two Master’s Degrees, one in clinical psychology from The University of Hartford and one in clinical and counseling psychology in education from Teacher's College, Columbia University. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology at West Virginia University. Jessica has a passion for working with emerging adults and adults who struggle with eating disorders and body image, identity development, and trauma. She also has a particular interest in working with athletes and young adults in the military. Jessica has worked in hospital settings, outpatient clinical programs and college counseling centers. Her relational approach to therapy is one marked by cultural sensitivity and a focus on understanding each person’s unique story. Additionally, she enjoys integrating mindfulness and emotion-focused techniques into sessions to help people connect their mind, body, and intuition.

Accept what is, let go of what was, and believe in what will be.